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To run your own bitcoin faucet you will need a bitcoin faucet script.


Unzipped the download zip file. Go to your webhost and create a new database called "faucet".
upload public folder's all files and folders to your host's public_html folder.

Open labs/Database.php files and edit the deatails of files with your database credits (database name,database username,database password).
install.php which will delete the file after it is installed.


Open faucetmaster.php and find adminadmin. Change adminamin to own password and save the file.
Password must be secretwords to safe from hackers.
To make more secure your admin page from hackers access, change file name faucetmaster.php with your secret word such as faucetadmin,adminpage (only for example) etc.


=> Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload.
=> Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
=> Anti-adblocker.
=> Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 4 times.
=> Countdown Timer added.
=> Captcha type: ReCaptcha , Solvemedia and Hcaptcha.
=> Shortlink service ( Click Per IP ) and ( direct and indirect run ).
=> Automatically change ads when page load.
=> Modern Antibot with ( On / Off ).


A demo is avaible: http://btcearn.ueuo.com


If you think this script is good, please send some money to my account.
BTC => 1LEYrV8rbSe8xtTSex1eoanSz9KgJuLkik
DOGE => D6p38KP7YyfmdTRSpLJPD721ZB25LnngHo

This script is completely free. But please don't remove the Donate and download script link.


If you facing any problem to set your faucet site, Comments with your problems below my post on blogger I'll happy to solve your problems.

If you want to edit the script feel free to do so but carefully otherwise faucet will mis behave.

Download Script

Video Tutorials for help Thanks.

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  1. Hello I need manually payment faucets script is that possible???I can pay Money for that....please help me

  2. Hi, what is the username for the first login in the admin area and under which PHP version does the script run?

  3. PHP version 5
    username empty
    only password admainadmin

  4. Bagaimana cara login admin ?

    Disini hanya ada edit password saja .. Tidak ada username

    Lalu bagaimana menjalankannya ?

  5. To login to admin page:
    username: admin
    password: admainadmin

  6. Bro your faucet script is not running. show in white. plz solve this issue

  7. thank you all!
    Many people are using this code.
    However, if you have a problem with this code, tell us your problem and your problem will be solved.
    Explain where the problem comes from.

  8. Mr. Awais Mehar
    When you upload a file, the webhost automatically creates the .htaccess file.

  9. man the site just show in white help me PLZ

  10. Ahmed Farg,
    website name where u upload all file and folder.
    I check its.
    But have you done it?
    Have you created a database?
    Its name is faucet.
    Have you uploaded all files and folders to public_html?
    Have you changed database name, database username, database password?
    If you did not change it, first go to the labs folder and open Database.php to change the database name, database username, database password.
    You have also Change $hacker_security = "secretword"; // Change this word.
    Have you installed the database files?
    If not?
    First install open Browser and type yourwebsitename.com/install.php and enter.
    I think your website will be open now and good work.

  11. Man script is not working when you try to install using yourwebsitename.com/install.php it only shows you the some writings in text format:Remember to remove this file when you are done :)
    Please delete me :) fix the script

  12. mark gentle Thanks using this script.
    Have you created a database?
    Have you changed database name, database username, database password?
    If you did not change it, first go to the labs folder and open Database.php to change the database name, database username, database password.
    You have also Change $hacker_security = "secretword"; // Change this word.
    Than Run yourwebsitename.com/install.php
    After this text format:
    Remember to remove this file when you are done :)
    Please delete me :)
    Delete install.php on server.
    only type yourwebsitename.com your website is run.

  13. make video tutorials for help, how upload and install this script

  14. Bhaijaan login nahi ho raha hai aapne jaise bola hai maine waise hi sab kuch kiya but login nahi ho raha hai please help me

  15. O sccript é otimo, esta de parabéns, so que na aba de clamar nao aparece a caixa para resolver o captcha e nem a caixa para colocar o endereço da carteira de bitcoin etc. aguardo resposta.

  16. Bhai jee main ny script download ki hai aur good chal rahi hai thanks
    Main yh pochana chahta hoin keya yah litcoin par bhi payment day ga keya

  17. hello friend i like knew if you can help me i can't login admin i do with your video say but can't login i change my login and password in admin page but not work

  18. I have downloaded the faucet script from your GitHub and installed correctly . And when I tried to test it and opened the page it first asked me to wait 10 secs and then the start page appeared and I clicked it and a new webpage opened but there is nothing there. I mean the faucet claim form is not showing

  19. Hello admin, I want to inform you that your script is to be congratulated, everything is ok, but in the option to claim, the salvemedia box does not appear to resolve and to claim normally, it is blank, I hope it solves this problem to help many who are reporting this problem, I thank you for providing the script code and I look forward to your message.

  20. ji bhai ya litcoin par bhi paymet day gi

  21. MegaSuperTheloMax thanks Sir you inform me. I please your web domian send i check i solved this problem.
    thanks again

  22. hi bro. Banners at didnt install why ?

  23. hello friends i like knew if any can help me install change banners and add short links


  24. Too much problem facing please help. https://sonicbtc.com

  25. السلام عليكم

    bro i need help if u still online

  26. This script have some problem. Like it's not detect my ip or captcha show. Don't try it's waste of time. or if you a devoloper. You can see code writing format is not user friendly.

  27. captcha and shortlink are not working please help


  28. I'm waiting for captcha and I say start but nothing comes out.
    When I add a shortlink it tells me that I have to wait 24 hours.


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