Create Payza Account & How to Receive & Withdraw Money

Payza Account Open ( Personal )

What is Payza?

Payza is online payment processor. It is used to send and receive money. Most of the online earning sites have Payza payment processor for international user. You can receive your money at your local bank.

How to Open a Payza Account

Follow the Simple steps:

Step 1: Click this image.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up.

Payza Account Type:

There are two types of Accounts
1. Personal
2. Business
Personal account is used to send/receive money.
business account is used to send money to your employee.

Step 3: Select Your Country, Select Your Salutation, Type First Name, Type Last Name, Type E-mail, Type Password and click on GET STARTED.

Step 5:Then you will receive a confirmation message in your email with the activation link. Click on the link to activate your account & you will be taken to Payza dashboard.

Step 7: Now you are at dashboard of Payza in right side you will see a notification about Complete Profile Setup click on it.

You need to complete the profile setup so that you can access your Payza account.
Click on blue colored “Complete Profile Setup” link.
You will then get a popup window where you need to click on Get Started.
Then it will ask you for the Work Details.

Step 8: Now enter your details as like below your industry, your job and click on save and continue.

Step 9: In next windows fill up personal information such as address, city, region, country, postal code etc. then click save and continue.

Step 10: In next window enter your mobile no.

Step 11: In next window you want to write answer which is used to recover password if you forgot. So fill them carefully. Select one question and their answer then date of birth and enter pin which is used to cash out or deposit money from Payza. After filling click on save and finish.

Step 12: in next windows you will see message as like you’ve successfully setup your profile. Then click on Take me home.

NOTE : Your E-mail address is Payza ID account

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