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To run your own bitcoin faucet you will need a bitcoin faucet script.


Unzipped the download zip file. Go to your webhost and create a new database called "faucet".
upload public folder's all files and folders to your host's public_html folder.

Open labs/Database.php files and edit the deatails of files with your database credits (database name,database username,database password).
install.php which will delete the file after it is installed.


Open faucetmaster.php and find adminadmin. Change adminamin to own password and save the file.
Password must be secretwords to safe from hackers.
To make more secure your admin page from hackers access, change file name faucetmaster.php with your secret word such as faucetadmin,adminpage (only for example) etc.


=> Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload.
=> Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker.
=> Anti-adblocker.
=> Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 4 times.
=> Countdown Timer added.
=> Captcha type: ReCaptcha , Solvemedia and Hcaptcha.
=> Shortlink service ( Click Per IP ) and ( direct and indirect run ).
=> Automatically change ads when page load.
=> Modern Antibot with ( On / Off ).


A demo is avaible: http://btcearn.ueuo.com


If you think this script is good, please send some money to my account.
BTC => 1LEYrV8rbSe8xtTSex1eoanSz9KgJuLkik
DOGE => D6p38KP7YyfmdTRSpLJPD721ZB25LnngHo

This script is completely free. But please don't remove the Donate and download script link.


If you facing any problem to set your faucet site, Comments with your problems below my post on blogger I'll happy to solve your problems.

My whatsapp number is +923136127492

If you want to edit the script feel free to do so but carefully otherwise faucet will mis behave.

Download Script

Video Tutorials for help Thanks.

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  1. hello this faucet script is best

  2. hello my friend i like knew if you can help me i try run other script auto faucet trying running for faucetpay but don't work you can help me? this script https://github.com/japakar/NewAutoEC you can help me?? thanks

  3. i check it but u not tell me what problem face of this script.

  4. well i can't run this script for faucetpay not work you can help me with this script https://github.com/japakar/NewAutoEC you can help me?? thanks i can't run api of faucetpay help me please

  5. I have download you script and check it. Brother this script not support faucetpay its mean faucetpay linked and file not added in zip files. Please download new Faucet script and run your host. I read your script this script is not good work. Download new auto script and upload all files and run again. Thanks. If any problem send me message i solved it.

  6. i see this script running in faucetpay because it i request help for run this, is the same of coin box v5 see this adress https://faucetbr.tk is the same script running in faucetpay

  7. i try use your script ever try clain for test print this message => Request blocked as you appear to be browsing from a VPN or Proxy Server., i desable all not working

  8. brother i download again your script but faucetpay file is no found is this script.

  9. i also see my script and find error what you said u using VPN Proxy Server. can u help me my whatsapp number is +923136127492

  10. In fact, when I installed your script to try to use it on faucetpay, during the test using the Opera and Brave browser both showed the error proxy /vpn , since I don't have a proxy or vpn installed on my desktop, I left everything clean after I did the test with the browsers chrome/safare/netscape/vivald all showed the same error.

  11. if u used my script and u face problem proxy vpn. You go admin.php type user name and password and go to main page and vpn proxy select off and save it. when check.
    If u upload my script please tell me i check it what problem to face my script and solved your problem.
    Please tell me your time when u are using net because i open this time and see your website and solved your problem thanks. Thanks for telling me my mistake or face u problem my script

  12. country name and country time tell me when u used net and your website. i check it and solved your problem. i hope i run your website faucet.

  13. my country is Pakistan i using net time 9:30 pm to 11:30pm if u come this time i soled your problem.

  14. ٹھیک ہے اس وقت میں دوپہر 3:50 پر ہوں میرا ملک برازیل ہے، درپیش مسائل کئی مختلف ہیں، آپ کا اسکرپٹ بہترین اور عمدہ ہے، مجھے یقین ہے کہ مسئلہ خود میرا ہے کہ میں نہیں جانتا کہ اسے کیسے کام کرنا ہے۔ صحیح طریقے سے میری اتنی مدد کرنے کے لیے میں بہت مشکور ہوں۔ میں آپ کی مقامی زبان میں لکھنے کی کوشش کرنے کے لیے ایک مترجم کا استعمال کر رہا ہوں۔

  15. Thanks
    The time difference between Brazil and Pakistan is eight hours. its mean when i am using laptop your Brazil time is 1:30pm. Brother you don't use whatsapp. By now your problem would have been solved. Is there any way we can talk? Your problem will be solved only when we talk. I have solved a lot of problems by doing whatsapp.
    The problem is not with the script, it's with their host, some setting fixes it.
    I run your script and mine script on your host.
    So that you can earn.

  16. ok thanks. u used net this time. i am online

  17. Brother You are not the only one I am helping. I help many people. Do you use Facebook? send Facebook account. Your problem is not even one to two hours. But I will not be able to solve this problem until you talk to me.
    I am waiting for you.

  18. my friend I'm grateful, but unfortunately I don't use any social network just telegran because I don't have a smartphone, I use telegran because it's an app that I registered with over 5 years ago, when I used the good old IRC known as Mirc ( multiple Internet Really chat ), icq and kazaa good old chat

  19. OK Brother. You do one thing if you want to run the script on your website.
    You have to give C Panel link address and password.
    or FTP address where I can upload my script files.
    Then I see in which file the problem is coming.
    There is a problem with the files or there is a problem with your host.
    If there is a problem with the file, I would change the script and upload it again and again to see if the script works on your website.
    Also put your web address on faucetpay and enter btc only ten satoshi and give me the link so that when i run the script it will transfer the satoshi any other account.
    But it has to be done in a confidential manner.
    I was asking if you have whatsapp so I can open your host's C-Panel and go to ftp to upload files and see what the problem is.
    I will solve your problem it will not take me an hour but brother unless we talk together at the same time.
    Until then your website may not work.

  20. You do one thing
    Upload my script to your host and let me know I've uploaded.
    I open it to see what the problem is.
    After watching
    After that, you should upload the file that I will send you instead of this file.
    If you don't want to give your host username and password and link address.

  21. ok my friend in this weekend i will do to you my access in my host and i will send script and call you in whatsapp for we try thanks for all

  22. borrowing a smartphone from my nephew but I can't add you on whatsapp you don't show up could you add me +5531971082875 thanks

  23. your message receive me i sand message your whatsapp number please send me detail of host and website i think https://faucetbr.tk your website name if u send host detail but send in whatsapp number i hope today run faucet script on your website and enjoy your website. i solved any error if i faced my Faucet Script.
    Thanks You trust me.

  24. Now feel free to send me your host information but send in whatsapp number not itcollegeall blog

  25. Solved your problem thanks u using my script and blog

  26. https://alberixi.cu.ma/index.php

  27. hello
    please i need help because i cant add ads i have error 403 i don't know why help me please

  28. when i click in add new banner i have error 403 and i can't add ads my i have changed script www.winbtc.website

  29. if u face error 403 this means your ads provider website not good work u change ads an other website. thanks

  30. Https://urlcik.site 24$
    We welcome you all.
    Earn money, register.


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